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Contacts app with Default View?


Jan 12, 2011
The default HTC People app sucks incredibly hard. I have all my contacts in gmail and all grouped perfectly however I only want my phone to show the "friends" and "family" groups as a default view (but still have all the contacts in other groups available when viewing all contacts). Whenever I open the People app it just shows me everyone including business numbers and emails I rarely need. You'd think a custom default view couldn't be that hard to conceive.

What I want is an Contacts app which syncs ALL Gmail Contacts but allows you to choose which groups to show as default view.

Does anyone know of a Contacts app which has this functionality?
From my understanding the stock Android Contacts app can do this, is that right? If so how can I install this app on my HTC Desire (preferably without root)?

You could star those contacts you wish to show, then add the Starred Folder to the desktop (long press->Folder->Starred).

This doesn't show just those items in the People app, but it does give you quick access to them.

You can also achieve the same effect using Folder Organizer.

I can't help you with Contact apps, as I don't use one really, I just search for the contact I need and go from there.
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