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Help Contacts not syncing and cannot be edited


Jun 25, 2021
Starting about 2 weeks ago my contacts on my phone cannot be synced, added to, deleted, edited. If I try to add a new contact and hit save it just sits there greyed out (and not saving). Anything involving any syncing of contacts just sits there "working". Everything else syncing fine.

This is on all accounts on my phone. If I edit contacts through my google account on laptop everything works fine but never syncs to my phone.

Any ideas?
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So it started syncing again. All I did was go through my address book and remove any entries with characters like / or *

I'm not sure if that is really what did it but it started working after that. Hope that helps

Anytime there are characters that an app considers ''invalid', there will be some sort of issue.

Unfortunately, the apps I have seen do not let you know which characters are 'invalid'.
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