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Cooked Eris...


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Feb 11, 2010
I used the final 2.1 upgrade file to upgrade my eris and after having a few problems I decided to use the the factory default option to default the phone to resolve some of minor issues I was having with the phone. So I did that and at first the phone booted fine. I reinstalled a few programs like handcent and swype and upgraded the facebook app. I then started about setting up my "screens". I wanted to add the facebook widget to one of the screens and got an error about not being able to open the widget. So i figured maybe I should reboot since I had just upgraded the app.

That was the last of my eris, as it got stuck at the 3 skateboard screen. I tried all of the fixes I found like using recovery, clear cache, etc. but no joy!

Now I'm gonna be stuck with a shitty refurb(I have never had much luck with their refurbs). 1.5 worked flawlessly for months so IMHO this 2.1 upgrade just isn't ready all the way especially since there are so many bugs and my phone was fine for several months. So when I get it back, I may just cut my losses and sell it.

Anyway, sorry just wanted to vent.


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