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htc droid eris

  1. B

    Oh my gosh, it's BACK!!!

    Wow, I've been using a Droid Incredible for the last two years. Every day, it's been with me. I recently lost it (or, it was lifted from my car :(). So guess what - back to the old Eris! It doesn't take as long to boot as the DInc (XTRSense vs Business GingerSense), but otherwise, the Eris...
  2. K

    Phone not recognized by computer

    Hi, when I connect my droid eris to my computer via usb/phone cable, the computer does not recognize the droid eris. My computer uses Windows 8. Anyone know how to fix this issue?
  3. K

    Micro SD Card: For storage or memory?

    Hi, I'm new to phones but used to computers having separate storage and memory components. I have a Droid Eris which is painfully slow if I install any apps. I bought an 8gb micro SD card for it. Will the SD card improve speed and allow me to run more apps? Or will it only be beneficial for...
  4. F

    Root Bricked?

    I'm not a phone hacker. I want to make calls, receive calls, get my emails, upload my travel pics, gps, and connect to the internet to google/snopes etc. I never intended to hack my phone. Unnecessary. It did everything I needed. That is, until the old man let the plan with Verizon lapse. Now...
  5. M

    Help HTC ERIS out of service area

    so i recently bought a used htc eris off of ebay (for verison) and i rooted it just to improve little things in the phone. (fix bluetooth, emulators, ect.) After this was going fine until one day i decided to download an app called "eris market fix" in hopes that it would allow some more freedom...
  6. P

    Help Phone doesn't work on wifi

    Bought this phone from a friend, everything worked until I did a factory reset, now I can't open up market (Google Play), it still says market, any of the apps that it came with won't work and i can't figure out the problem.
  7. vista6782

    Help [Q] Help needed and appreciated!

    Hey people! i have successfully rooted my ERIS( thanks to you guys)..! Now i'm currently Running CM7.2(the stable build for the eris) The rom allows me to partition my 8 gig SD-CARD...so i partitioned it to a GIGABYTE and its running gud...! but For some reasons i want to shift to the...
  8. T

    droid eris help!

    my eris stuck on skateboard screen. wont do anything else!....prolly cuz i took sd card out of it to use for something else,i got bored looking around on it and decided to delete various folders that i didnt think i needed anymore! phone is old,havent used in awhile. put sd card back in,turned...
  9. E

    Root Eris Tethering Alternatives when ad-hoc not possible?

    Hi folks! This inquiry is a little different than the normal inquiries about tethering (laptop/desktop computer tether via phone) - in this case I want to (occasionally) tether a Nexus 7 tablet to my Eris. Unfortunately, the N7 doesn't operate in WiFi ad-hoc mode afaik. In the past I have...
  10. B

    Help Google Play Doesn't Recognize Me

    Hopefully, this is the last problem I need solved!!! You guys have been great. When I try to download apps via google play and it asks to select my device, there is always a phone? option and says it doesn't recognize my device. I'm signed in and everything, but I don't know how to...
  11. B

    Help Internet Browsing Trouble

    I was just on here a bit ago - my eris has been rooted and flashed and is currently just a "mini tablet" for me, with no phone service. I can download and use apps from the marketplace just fine, but when I browse the internet, the security warning about problems with the security certificate...
  12. B

    Help app trouble - wifi only

    My hubby has made it so that his former phone is now my "mini-tablet." It has no phone service but uses wifi. I'm trying to load new apps on the phone, but the android marketplace won't let me in. I can't get the facebook app from facebook either. It won't let me do anything but just browse...
  13. R

    Help android market app terms web page not available

    so my girlfriend just got a htc droid eris from verizon and when you sign in to the market app it goes to the terms and service says loading the displays web page not available the web page at https://www.google.com/intl/%local%/mobile/android/market-tos.html might be temporarily down or...
  14. N

    Root Ics themed stable smooth rom cm7 based

  15. N

    Root what's the latest?

    Anybody rocking jellybean on this bad boy yet?
  16. vista6782

    Root [q] help!!!

    hi guys!! i'm from India!!! i own a HTC MTS PULSE(CDMA)...it is the same as VERIZON WIRELESS HTC DROID ERIS!!! i wanna know how to root my PULSE..!! and is the rooting process same for both devices!!???? can anyone teach me how to root my HTC MTS PULSE safely without bricking it!!! thanks...
  17. dirtyriffs

    Root good rom for play music app streaming

    Im looking to use my old Eris to stream my music through the Play Music app. I will use it wifi only, and thats basically all that I will be using it for. Any suggestion on a good rom for that. Im already rooted and track ball still works. Thanks
  18. F

    Root HTC Eris is stuck on Black screen with 4 triangles and "HTC" in middle!!!!

    Hello, Can someone please HELP ME PLEASE? I was given this HTC ERIS to use if I was able to fix the stupid thing I've tried just about everything nothing helps.. The HTC Eris is stuck on Black screen with 4 triangles and "HTC" in middle!!!! While plugged into the computer it's has the black...
  19. M

    Root Issues with Eris (root/MMS)

    Hello, I'm new to this forum. In the past I've had the Moto Droid, HTC Incredible and the Droid Bionic. All which were with Verizon. I rooted the Incredible and have done other stuff with them and have decent experience with Droids. I decided that I didn't need to pay to have a droid...
  20. wolfdogg

    Help touchscreen has gone wacky, need help

    CCM7 Vanilla on an Eris so my touchscreen is misbehaving now. I cant text anymore, a bunch cccccccccccs appear, and when i click the backbutton i get a delated delete of my entire message. its like a stuck key on a keyboard. i have a hard time navigating the system, and a few times i...
  21. Chimpie

    Help Facebook and Eris

    Is anyone else having problems connecting to Facebook on their Eris? Since yesterday (November 14, 2012) I haven't been able to connect. It just stays on loading.
  22. W

    Help Help, phone won't sync.

    I gave my HTC Droid Eris running 2.1 to a friend. It worked fine, I factory reset it before I gave it to him. Now that he has it is set up and running, FB will not sync the contacts and the market will not connect with the google play website. I had no problems with any of this when I had this...
  23. wolfdogg

    Help usb tether eris to mac

    i cant figure out what settings to use, the options i have are Telephone number account name password and under advanced vendor (generic is default) model (cdma, dialup, GPRS (GSM/3G)) APN if GPRS is selected i think tel number would be #777 and password vzw would account name...
  24. N

    Help Eris not welcome on Verizon network?

    My daughter is still using an Eris on VZW. She gets texts almost daily from Verizon telling her she has earned an upgrade and to come into the store to pick out a new phone. Are they trying to get these little guys off the network?
  25. B

    Root Rooted ... now what?

    So here's the deal: I rooted my Eris and flashed xtrSENSE to it, and for the most part life has been fine. The battery life still sucks, but I can deal with that; I have a charger at home, at work, AND in my truck! So here's my problem: I've got a message that says I am low on space, even...