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Cool battery watcher widget


Android Expert
Jul 26, 2010
So Cal
Several posters have asked about monitoring their battery. I and others have posted in other threads about accessing the phone's battery monitoring info using a dial code or the settings menu. This is different and easier.

The Battery Watcher Widget will give you an icon on your home screen that indicates the battery's charge level to 1% accuracy. It also has a nice bright green graphical indication of the charge level so you can see the charge level at a glance. If you tap on the icon you will get even more battery info including, battery health, status, accuracy, temperature, voltage (accurate to .001V).

Just go to Marketplace and search for Battery Watcher Widget to install.
Try Battery Minder available in the Marketplace. This ap will sound an alarm when you reach a certain threshhold charge level (e.g. 35%). And if you pull down the notifications bar you can see how much remaining time is left on your current charge level based on your current usage.
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