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Apps Creating a Video Editor in Android

San T

Jan 9, 2016
Hello guys, I have been trying to create a video editor which helps me in creating videos from images, merging two or more videos along with adding a text overlay over the video with a custom music in the background and adding transition effects to each frames.

What have I tried :
I have tried implementing OpenCV to create a video from images in which I am successful but still don't meet my requirements. And I use mp4Parser to merge the videos but the video parameters created in both methods seem to be different and that's causing the issues.

I have also tried using the most mentioned FFMPEG but didn't make use of the NDK, rather I used a simple way to achieve it. I referred http://androidwarzone.blogspot.ae/2011/12. That helped me a lot and was able to achieve many things that I wanted but it took too much time to render the final product. So I had to drop it.
I didn't want to integrate FFMPEG with NDK cause that would be insanely complex and wasn't sure whether the result would turn out the same like FFMPEG commands.

Can anybody help me in finding what I'm looking for or guide me in the right direction ?


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