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Crowdsourcing app to map cell phone signal strength

This is one of those ideas that will make you go "Duh, why haven't I thought of this before".

There is a site Cellreception.com that tries to aggregate cell phone reception from users who bother to leave reviews. But data collection can be made much more easier, even passive:

Make an app that sends the phone's GPS location and the 2G/3G signal strength of the current provider in that location, to a centralized database, aggregate the results, and make them public online.

Nth Signal seems to be an app like that, but I can't find it on the market, and the reviews on Androlib are not good.
Except Root Wireless only has data for select cities right now and doesn't have a program available for anyone to download and use yet.

They're about to release Android version, but yes, I talked to the developer of Antennas, and he said he'll add a feature like this, using OpenCellId.org (that site looks quite haphazard IMO)
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Check out Open Signal Maps. The app does a bunch of cool things like show you where your cell towers are - like antennas - but also has a radar view. Plus it does the same for wifi routers.

(disclaimer: I helped build this app... it is my baby :) I should probably also say, since our 'beta' launch last week we've been getting 1m strength readings a day, and 50k new wifis mapped as well. We think that is goig to shoot up a lot... especially when we put in the new features we're working on. Check out OpenSignalMaps - Cell Phone Tower and Signal Heat Maps for more

Get it here...

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