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Custom Icons/Screen Lock Inc.2


Sep 8, 2011
Ok, understand first that for whatever reason the search feature on the forums does not work for me. Im on a mac and I receive nothing but an unending loading/searching bar.

Simply put im looking for an easy to use icon customization app that does not require rooting. Ive found many threads on here through google answering that question but they are all from 2010 or ealier. In fact, while on that point, it seems the greater majority of threads ive run into for assistance all come from 2010 or earlier! wtf!? Its like everyone got a droid last year figured everything out, and abandoned the forums lol. Alot of these threads mention apps no longer offered, like better cut, or are simply geared at older model phones. Ive also been referred pandahome but im not sure thats what im looking for. I want to leave everything else alone and just customize the app icon.

Im working with a droid incred 2, and if anyone can suggest what im looking for it would be greatly appreciated. While your thinking about being helpful, could anyone name a good lock screen app? Besides widgetlocker. Id like to change the appearance of the "draw a line to connect the dots" screen or the "pull down" screen unlock. Thanks in advance for any and all help!


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