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Dan Cadar's Apps

Well, seriously, I don't know what more info I can provide... it's an application which can kill other tasks (pretty obvious, I would say :)) and can display some info about CPU/memory usage - any task manager should be able to do that. Oh, wait, I could use "marketing department-style" announcements and explain how brilliant my application is, but I'm not that kind of guy. If someone is looking for a task killer, maybe he (or she) will find this topic and install my application and hopefully will like it :D.

BTW, my servers are allway ready and will not be impacted by any download request, because you see, the application is available on Market ;)

Anyway, thanks for your feedback ;)
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Find Me! it's a great tool to track your phone.

With Find Me! you can find out the location of your phone by simply sending an SMS message with a specific keyword to the phone. After your phone receives that message, it will send an email or an SMS message (to a destination previously set up) with its location, and it will keep sending updates according to its settings (can send the location only once, every 5 minutes, every 15 minutes, every 30 minutes, every hour or every 2 hours). Also, the e-mail will have a KML file attached which can be uploaded into google maps.

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QR Code:

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Hello everyone,

I've just finish one application which will display acceleration, braking and lateral G forces; driving speed, acceleration time (from 0 to 100 km/h or 0 to 60 mph), maximum recorded G force and air temperature (requires internet connection), everything in an interface which resembles Nissan GT-R electronic dashboard. Available in Android Market, for 2.3 Euros.

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There is one thing which i find annoying on all media players for Android which I've tried: creating and managing a playlist is unnecessary complicated. For example, you need to create a playlist, after that browse though the song files, find one which you want in that playlist, long click on it and select Add to playlist, select the playlist and after that browse for another song and so on. What if you want to create a playlist with 100 songs? I find this really complicated and time consuming. And if you organize your music directory like me, with subdirectories for different genres or different artists, and at some point you want to listen just to some artist, what can you do? Same thing: create a playlist, after that browse though the song files, find one which you want in that playlist, long click on it and select Add to playlist, select the playlist and after that browse for another song......

So I've decided to create my own media player for Android, a media player with better playlist management. I'm still using the old PC version of Winamp (2.91) and i really like the simple playlist management. Want to add some media files to the playlist? Just navigate to the location of those files, select them and press a button - all those files will be added to your playlist. DO you want to add to your playlist all media files in a specific directory? Navigate to that directory and press a button and all the files found in that directory will be added to your playlist. And of course, you can save a playlist, or load a previously saved playlists. And that's what I've done with my media player for Android. It's a simple media player which can play mp3, ogg and wav files; it can read ID3 tags; it has all necessary functions (repeat, shuffle, search, save/load playlists) for a media player and nothing more, just to keep it simple and user-friendly. Some screenshots:

It is available on Android Market (QR below) in 2 versions: one paid, for 1.5$ and one free. It works on Android 2.2 and newer.

Many thanks to Rhor, which allowed me to use his icons for media files and directories. Many thanks to Jeremy Sallee, who has some nice free icons, one of them ending up as Simple Media Player's icon. Play/Stop/Next/Previous buttons are licensed from psdgraphics.

Paid version:

Free Version:

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I've just published an application which will estimate the blood-alcohol concentration based on what and when you have been drinking and your weight. It's not 100% accurate, but it can give you a hint about your blood-alcohol concentration. It's available in 2 versions - a free one, supported by ads and a paid one (1 EUR).

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QR codes:

Breathalyzer Tester

Breathalyzer Tester Free

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I've published on Google Play a new budget planner - My Budget - in both free and paid versions (free version supported by ads). As I found other budget managers a little bit to complicated, I was thinking that there are people who don't need so many features, people who need only some simple tool to track their expenses and income, so I've created My Budget.


Can be downloaded from Google Play:
My Budget Free

My Budget (paid version)
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I’ve completed a new application which can be used to check car’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). It can provide useful information to someone who is looking into buying a used car. By checking the car’s VIN code, one could find out if the VIN is valid or if it was modified – stolen cars often have modified VIN numbers in order to avoid detection.


We developed VIN Scanner. If any of you have an application for decoding VIN codes, we are happy to offer you the following:

1. SDK which will allow you to add VIN codes scanning into your app very easily.
Many developers are using our SDK. Our SDK has a demo-mode so you can try it for free.

2. Integration with our app which can recognize VIN codes and transfer them to your app. It is absolutely free for you and very convenient for your users.

You can download our app on AppStore in order to estimate the quality of its functioning:

We will be glad to offer you any additional information about our products!
Best regards, Elias Postoloff
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I would like to promote my newest app: GPS Speedometer. 4 versions are available: one paid and 3 for free. The free versions have different color settings each, and the color theme cannot be changed. The paid version has the option to choose from 5 predefined color themes.

Droid Dashboard is a speedometer application that uses you're phone's internal GPS module to calculate your current speed and display it with large, easy to read, LCD-like fonts. It will also display your total travel time, your average speed, maximum reached speed, your heading and elevation, a nice compass and forward and lateral accelerations.


- High accuracy. The speed calculated based on GPS data is more accurate than the one displayed by your car's speedometer

- It supports both imperial and metric units

- 5 predefined color themes available for the paid version

- It can record your path, speed, distance, and elevation and save them in a KML file (for Google Earth) - just press "Menu", select "Settings" and "Record track".

- It can work in the background, so it can record your movement and speed even while you're talking on the phone. This means that if you really want to exit the application, you have to press "Menu" and select "Exit".

It requires the following permissions:

- WAKE_LOCK in order to prevent the screen from turning off

- ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION (GPS based location) for reading GPS data

- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE in order to save the KML file

Please note that while I've tested the application on several Android devices, there are way to many different Android devices to guarantee that it will work just fine on all of them, so if you encounter a problem with the application, just drop me an email with your phone model and a short description of your problem; I will do my best to fix it ASAP.

Of course, any feedback would be appreciated.

Available on Google Play:
GPS Speedometer (paid version)

GPS Speedometer Free

This version will randomly select one of the color themes every time when the application is started.

Droid Dashboard (Blue)

Droid Dashboard (Green)

Droid Dashboard (LCD)

Some Screenshots:

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