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Help Data Capture & Analysis for Android


May 7, 2015
Would like to know if any developers out there would be interested in data capture and analysis for Android? We found on a recent project that prototyping and developing on Android can be challenging when working with so many different platform types, many different software versions, and working alongside many different applications; just seemed to be a chaotic environment. We have created an app that gave us some visibility into what the device was doing and how it was behaving. The app extracts hundreds of different device/app parameters (no personal information) in real-time and sends it to a server. We are also providing code to integrate with other apps as a background extraction service. We are integrating the R analysis engine into the same environment so the data being collected can be analysed all on the same platform through a simple UI. To protect the data in transit we have developed an AES encryption module that uses the unique identity of the device to derive keys; a form of identity-based encryption.

I imagine that with the many different types of device and the many parameters they generate that the datasets would provide valuable insight into how applications interact, or conflict with each other and what impacts can be analysed across multi-vendor Android platforms with regards to things like processes, CPU, memory, storage, battery etc.

I would be interested to know if this framework is of use to the development community, and whether there would a demand for it? We are looking to open-source this software to gain support if useful so it can be advanced further.

Thanks, Wayne


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