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Help Data Tracking Verizon app gone


Mar 20, 2012
I think this app was preinstalled on my RAZR Maxx phone by Verizon. It appeared as a small window that displayed the data usage. If I clicked on it, it took me online to My Verizon for more details. But just glancing at it on my home screen told me I have used x GB out of a total of 4GB.

I called Verizon & they seemed somewhat clueless, denying that they removed or updated the app. In my app drawer, there is still the
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The "My Verizon" app is the app you're looking for and it WAS updated recently (day before yesterday for mine)...maybe log out of it and back in and see if that helps.

After the update I had to replace it on the home screen and log back in...

The update to that app was a very good one IMO...made it much easier and faster to navigate.

Edit: I forgot...thats a widget...touch the home screen until the option to select widgets appears, scroll down to "My Verizon Data"...select it, log in (maybe)...that should fix you up.
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