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De-AT&T my G3


Nov 11, 2014
I've got an AT&T G3 on StraightTalk. Can I set it up like my Nexus 6 with straight Google apps for contact lists and such ? I'm not sure if the main app that does the dialing/call logs/contacts etc is replaceable. I know I can root the phone and delete some of the bloatware. I have no AT&T account so many of these are useless to me although I am a little worried I'll remove a critical app.

I love the phone but didn't think ahead about the AT&T app issues I'd have. How do most Android BYOP folks set theirs up ?
Your contacts and dialer app will still work. You can use a replacement if you want but it's not required. The AT&T apps will no longer work so its best to disable them. You don't want them running/trying to connect in the background. Settings > Apps > (app name) > Disable.

"Critical" apps can't be removed without root.
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Thanks, the dialer still works but it's contacts tab goes into a long wait attempting to bring up AT&T contacts which of course fails. I did root the phone which was mostly successful. Only thing I miss is the call log in the dialer. I removed the AT&T bloatware with Titanium. For some reason, the bloat reappeared last week even though Ti shoes them frozen so I still have some investigating to do.
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