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Help Debug a phone without screen


Nov 14, 2022
Hello everyone

3 years ago I've bought an Ulefone Armor 6 for my outdoor hobbies. Suddenly the screen died, I couldn't do anything with it anymore. As I replaced the screen once, I tried to put the old screen back (which had issues but could be used) but without success.

What I really would like to achieve is to extract the photos/videos from the internal storage...

Once the screen is removed here is what I see (click to enlarge) :

I can read on the screen plug socket :

20 ---------------------- 1

21 ------ LCD ------- 40

❔ Is it possible to find a compatible cheap screen? I just want to be able to start and unlock the phone, then get the photos and videos.

❔ Using the USB C port can I plug a screen, keyboard, mouse or whatever so I can achieve my goal?

❔ Would it help to plug the phone to a computer and use some CLI commands + ADB for instance?

Developer mode is enabled on the phone if it can help.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
Cheers from France ✌️
You should be able to connect peripheral via the USB port. I'd expect mouse or keyboard to work, don't know whether this particular phone supports wired screen mirroring (via a USB-C to HDMI adapter). The tricky bit is going to be doing both at once.

But you will still need to unlock the phone even if you connect a keyboard. I have done this many years ago, using the cursor and keys on a keyboard to enter a PIN (you can't just type the numbers) and eventually pair a bluetooth mouse (swapping between showing the screen and connecting a keyboard or wired mouse until I got there), allowing me to both see what I was doing and do it at the same time. It took a lot of patience, and practicing on a similar phone with a working screen first.

As for connecting to a computer and using ADB, that's possible if you have already enabled USB debugging on the phone and authorised that computer to use ADB with that particular phone. Otherwise you'll face the same problems: unlocking the phone and enabling these things without a screen.
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