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Default keyboard won't go away

Have been using Graffiti on my Hero-of-eBay and suddenly it is unobtainable, being replaced by the default keyboard. Tried to activate installed Swype and it wouldn't stick either. Uninstalled Graffiti and reinstalled it but it still doesn't show. Cold rebooted in between as well...

Is this common? It's certainly irritating!
Strange that you did that, and it stayed that way. I do that all the time, the setting will stay that way( I use iphone emulator), for a while, til I reboot. I've used clockwork to fix permissions( running cyanogenmod 6) , and it will always revert back. I would love to make iphone keyboard a system app, and make the android keyboard a user app, but I am scared of the ramifications. Has anyone tried this?
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