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Sep 9, 2011
Hi, first i'm not very good with phones so please help

I have just got a Defy, its vodafone. However i brought without the SIM card as my work supplies this and pays the bill. There is no data on this contract.

My issue is i can't turn the 3G on or send / receive picture messages. If someone sends a pic message it text me and tells me to go to the vodafone website to down load.

Is this all to do with the contract my company has in place.

Also is there a way around this as phone is pointless at present as would like to us the navigation etc.

GPS works with satellite so that's OK. You can go in settings to calibrate the compass even.

Go in settings > wireless & networks, also, data manager, also, battery manager as there are options to configure network & the syncing of data & what not.

Usually Android phone will eat all your money if you don't have a data plan for it because of things like facebook or gmail sync. But you can configure what syncs & when in the settings.

As for picture messaging perhaps this is not enabled on your works sim, you could try going on the website of your network provider which may be able to send these settings to your phone by text?
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hi, thanks for the response, however i'm still stuck. i'm am very anti tech so not to sure on how to do things still.

I put the GPS on and wireless. Navigaiton then worked, soon as the wireless was off the navigation still didn't work.


Please explain in terms a dummy can understand.
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The GPS works on satellite, & works best outdoors. Google maps will work on GPS and/or your phones 3g or GPRS, as it can also download map tiles if not using GPS. You don't need to put WiFi on for the navigation.

If you have your own WiFi at home, or can connect to someone elses WiFi (either secured / password protected or free / no password - unprotected*), then switch to this on your phone for free internet. It will take precedence over your 3g, when you switch it off again the 3g should return.

Sounds like you don't have internet or picture messaging enabled on your sim, just go on the website of your carrier & find the link for "setting up my phone" or similar. You may need to pick your phone from a list of models then enter your number so they can send you the settings in a text.

Also, ask your work about your plan! I would've thought they'd give you a data plan for it. I can't see businesses giving employees Blackberries with no email or data plan, this should be no different.

If you press & hold on any place in your homescreen, a menu will show up letting you put any app or widget there. You can press & hold on any app or wiget then drag them to any place on your homescreen. There is already a "power control" widget that let's you toggle WiFi, bluetooth, GPS, sync & screen brightness.

* lastly, beware of unsecured WiFi, some people have been hacked. It's rare, but possible. Much better to have WiFi that is password protected with WPA2 or WPA2-PSK.
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The problem with Google Maps is that it can only navigate offline after you've let it calculate the route and cache the maps online.

If you stray too far from the calculated route or change travel plans you'll have to go back online to let Google Maps recalculate.

You usually don't need a data plan to send and receive picture messages, because this uses a separate MMS access point, independent of the normal internet connection. You only need full internet if the image/sound/video is too big for a standard MMS. The limit is usually 300 kb.
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