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Deja vu... Tiger Woods injured in crash

All the local stations are covering a crash right now, and it's very reminiscent of a year ago when Kobe died, on a hillside.

Tiger Woods was in a single vehicle, very bad accident in Rancho Palos Verdes; firefighters used the jaws of life to extricate him; he's been airlifted to UCLA and apparently has broken both legs, at least.

Watching the aerial views of the crash site, I can't wrap my head around what actually happened, i.e., how his car ended up how/where it did. Details will certainly follow.

Wishing him the best.
They're saying that drugs/alcohol were not involved. Also, this happened around 7:00 this morning, I believe on his way to do some more filming for a project he's working on. He's still in surgery, as far as I know.

He turned 45 in December. Speaking from experience with badly broken bones that required surgery, I know that his recovery and rehabilitation are going to take time, and can easily leave him with chronic pain and/or limited mobility. The TV pundits are debating whether, at 46, he'll be able to resume any kind of meaningful golf career. It's funny that 46 is considered ancient, but in sports, I guess it's getting up there...but golf?! :thinking: Basketball, football, hockey, yes, definitely...but golf?
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We have more details today, including that both legs required orthopedic surgery, Tiger was running late for an appointment, there's no substance use of any kind involved, and he's awake and talking now.

I feel for Tiger. I remember what it was like to have ONE leg with broken bones that required hardware to fix, hobbling around for months on crutches. Since then, it's been one of my nightmares thinking about BOTH legs broken at the same time! (I make sure I pay my loan sharks on time, so they won't have their thugs come after my knee caps with baseball bats. :eek:)

I know he'll be fine, and he'll get excellent physical therapy and everything, but so did I, and it still took a long time to get back to something resembling normal--and I never did regain full mobility in the joint. It also caused lymphedema, which is a chronic, incurable condition that causes painful, dramatic swelling; its most common cause is trauma (like a broken bone and/or surgery to fix it). It took almost a year for that to develop, and there was nothing anyone could've done to prevent it. So that could easily be in his future, as well as chronic pain and limited range of motion.
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