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delete a contact group

Remove the app and the contacts should disappear. Of course, you'll have to add them back because they'll be removed from the phone.

Before removing Backup Assistant you can export your contacts to the SD card. Then you can just import them back. When you import you should have the choice to save them to your phone or your Google account.
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Have you had luck with that? I tried the export, but it did so to a BA-specific file that I wasn't able to import anywhere else.

Yup, have done it several times: Contacts, Menu, More, Import/Export, Export to SD card. Then same thing to Import, if you have BA it will give you a choice between that or Google, I have BA frozen so my only choice is Google. It's saved as a vCard (.vcf) file, which isn't BA-specific. It doesn't seem to save to your Google account, since it didn't sync with my tablet, but I was able to move the .vcf file over and import it to Contacts.
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Oh nice one. Frankly, after we tried with my wife's X and it didn't work, we never messed with BA and exporting again. Sounds like there were changes to get BA exports to work better... with us, it duplicated the contacts and they wouldn't show up unless we had BA on the device, even if the contact were exported then imported into Google. T'was annoying to say the least.
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