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Deleting preinstalled apps with ADB / Problem with calendar app


Aug 26, 2022

upfront: sorry for this being a little bit long, but it needs the explanations...

I just found this awesome method to uninstall these preinstalled/unwanted apps from my phone via Android Debugging Bridge. Before I thought the only way to do that would be to root the device. Well, it all worked just fine, the apps are gone and I'm happy. :D What I basically did was deleting (among other apps) all the Samsung apps for the standard phone tasks (phone, messages, notes, calendar), because I'm using only the Google equivalents for those tasks.

Just one problem wasn't solved by deleting those apps - my Google calendar.

On the left you see a screenshot of Google calendar from my smartphone showing the four categories in my calendar: blue - events | yellow - tasks | red - reminders | green - birthdays

On the right you see a screenshot of Google Calendar opened on my PC. The categories match (instead of events there is written my actual name), they are synchronized, everything is fine.

The problem is with this additional "My calendar" (circled) on my smartphone, which I don't want to be there. It is not being synchronized (which is good), so I'm guessing that this is the preinstalled default "on-device" calendar. Until now, I couldn't find any way to delete it... Now coming back to the beginning about deleting the preinstalled apps, I thought that deleting the Samsung Calendar app would resolve this problem - it also didn't.

In the list of all installed apps in ADB I had four entries searching for "calendar", after deleting the Samsung Calendar app it's three:
1) com.google.android.calendar
2) com.google.android.syncadapters.calendar
3) com.samsung.android.calendar (this is the deleted Samsung app)
4) com.android.providers.calendar

Now to my questions:
a) Does anyone know how to delete the "My calendar" from my Google Calendar or better, how to delete it completely from my phone and with that automatically from my Google Calendar

b) Does this app #4 (com.android.providers.calendar) have anything to do with this or what is this app doing exactly (in German it's called "Kalenderspeicher" which means something like "calendar memory" or "calendar storage")

Thank you for your help! :)
Google Calendar Smartphone.jpg
Google Calendar Desktop.jpg
That is indeed a device-only calendar, and will be visible no matter what calendar app you use (I can't remember whether it was a Samsung thing, because I can't remember whether it was on my old Pixel - I have a lot of calendars, so one empty one I don't display makes very little difference to me).

You might be able to delete it by installing a different calendar app. I just had a look, and both aCalendar and Business Calendar on my phone offer me the option of deleting this calendar (I don't know about the Google Calendar app as I don't have that installed).

The calendar storage app is probably doing exactly what it says: managing calendar storage. Calendars are a bit like SMS: you can use different message apps but all see the same messages. This is because the message database is managed by a separate app, and all SMS apps are front-ends for interacting with this. If you have multiple calendar apps they all see the same events because they are all interacting with the same common calendar database, and that will be the app that owns and manages that database. If the events were stored by the individual calendar apps then adding or deleting appointments in one app would not change what another app saw, and if a central database were managed by a particular calendar app then removing that app would delete the events from all apps, so having a separate app responsible for the shared calendar storage is the cleanest solution.
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