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[Dev] Snackbar Plugin version 6.0 released!


Jan 16, 2016
Hello everyone! I just pulled the trigger on version 6.0 of Snackbar Plugin (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nick.mowen.sceneplugin)! This is a pretty big update so I am going to sift through the juicy changes!

- First off is the new switch sheet action! With it there is a lot of potential for what you can do. The way it works is you define text to show up on the left like the bottom sheet, but then there is a switch to the right. You can use either autoapps or a variable to respond to it. This is a very versatile sheet and something first of its kind when it comes to being able to toggle items.
- You can now put = as well as - for a divider. = puts a divider twice as thick.
- Thanks to \u\plepleus help I was able to get it so the color picker restores your last picked color, so if you want to change it slightly you won't have to completely remake that color.
- Finally, there were some main app changes with design and icons that will hopefully keep the app less confusing and lighten it up a little.

Thank you all for your wonderful support and I hope that you enjoy the update! As always, let me know of any and all feedback, suggestions, or requests that you may have! :D


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