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Device help, comparison


Jul 20, 2011
So I'm in the market for a new handset, but what to get.

I currently have the One X, and I am happy with the phone, but with my usage, the battery is flat in 5 to 6 hours, I've had enough as I can't leave it on charge as I need to move around and use it.

So a replacement:

Experia Z

I like the look of the One, the build quality of the One, concerned about the battery life.

S4 looks ok, build quality looks cheap, software seems half baked.

Experia Z, looks ok but was outdated on day of release.

So I am really struggling at the moment. I don't want to drop
Ive had 2 different HTC Ones now and basically got same results out of both.

I unplug at 645Am every morning and use/check my phone (on data) quite a bit during the day. Blinkfeed, email, text, calls, browser, facebook and instgram etc etc. Usually by 5 pm I'm back to my car charger and can plug in for 30 minutes on ride home. On most days my % is around 35-45 by 5 pm and bumped back to 50-60 by the time I'm home and will easily last me until 10/11 pm at night.

I consider myself a pretty heavy user and find the battery extremely capable of lasting through a day (average 13.5-14 hours on gsam battery app). I find if you have your phone in your pocket a lot powersaver does increase your life.

Being that you posted this in the ONE forum it would seem your leaning that way, I would imagine you wont find alot of people around here pointing you away from this phone.

Hope this helps you.
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Had the EVO LTE (Sprints version of the One X) and just switched to the One. Couldn't do Sprint's slow ass data network anymore and I live in Los Angeles.... The HTC One is an upgrade. It has a sharper screen. My battery life is better, I can get through a full day and still have 40-50% battery life by 6pm. I am an IT guy so I use my phone quite a bit during the day. I looked at the GS4 but couldn't do the plasticy feel and AMLOED screens just bug me. Their whites are not white to me...(not trying to start a flame war here). It just feels premium and the camera is even better than the One X. Speakers are a plus and accessories are widely available.

Keep in mind the "next" phone is always going to be just around the corner but I would say the One would be a noticeable upgrade providing you are not paying full price for one.
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