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ROMs DEVs - Let's unite!!


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Aug 27, 2010
I wanna try a little something.

Devs if you read this, reply with what you think.

What would you think about a little "team" or something so we can get some more ROMs out for the community and get this sub-forum to blast off.

It's looking a bit empty as I see some DEVs haven't posted anything. I'll help with anything I can.

Let's get AF up on the map. What do you say?

Let us know what you can do development wise and experience.
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I agree as well.

I have emailed Phases to see if it's cool for us at GalnetMIUI to maintain threads here for everyone to enjoy.

We'd be bringing roms for the following phones if he gives us the all clear:

Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung Galaxy s i9000b
Samsung Galaxy S II
Samsung Captivate
Samsung Galaxy Tab
Motorola Defy
HTC Desire S

Hopefully I'll hear back from him soon :)
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