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Help DHD keeps forgettimg my tone settings


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Sep 25, 2010
Right, so I am running a DHD, latest update.

Also have LauncherPro plus running, this stops me going to the personalise menu, I have to change everything via settings.

So I've set my message tones/alarm tones/ring tones. They were downloaded by Zedge and are stored in the Zedge directory on the phone. But when I unmount the SD card (IE to look at files on my Macbook) the settings are forgotten and it goes back to default.

The files are on the SD Card and I can set them again, but everytime I mount the card to use as a disk drive it forgets them

Any solution to this?
Anyone? May try flashing a new rom or would it be the SD card. I'm guessing it's a card issue or a sense conflicting with Launcher Pro Issue

I have this similar quirk in my dhd and it always happens when the sd card is unmounted (usb access). But when I mount the SD again either by choosing the default usb charge option, or when I remove the cable, all my ringtones and notifications go back to the customized ones that I've set.

Does your tones still remain at default once the sd is mounted again?
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It's weird, some of the time I will get the tone I set, sometimes I will get the default. Generally goes (and stays) wrong after I have unmounted the SD though

Hmmm. My "tones" seem to change at random sometimes. Thought it was a setting I hadn't got right but I'm not so sure. Can't get a handle on when/why yet though.

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