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Help dialing a phonenumber from within a text


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Dec 1, 2009
sailing down below
Am I missing a setting here or something, the last few phones I have had, Palm and WinMo, would allow you to dial a phone number from within a text or calander event by taping on it, any string of 7 numbers or more if you clicked on it it would ask if you wanted to dial, this is really helpful of someone texts you a ph # and you want to call it
Saw that, that is freakin weird that's exactally what I'm talking about did your number have any spaces in it, in the other devices I have used it didn't matter if there was a space for example tapping

5551112222 would dial but so would
555 111 2222 or

So far examples 2 and 3 do not become underlined and allow me to dial I have not been texted ex 1 yet
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