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samsung moment

  1. A

    Help Wifi Not Working?

    On my Moment, the Wifi doesn't work. I plugged it up to my computer, opened DDMS, and turned on Wifi. I saw a message saying that the wpa drivers (or something like that) is missing. The phone also does not report a MAC address. Is there any way I can flash some file to get this to work again?
  2. D

    Help Trouble with Hard Reset Samsung Moment

    Hey guys, I am locked out of my Samsung Moment. I had a password set and tried it too many times and was presented with the screen that asks for my gmail information which I conveniently forgot. Tried to reset it through Google and cannot verify my gmail account. Anyway, I tried a hard...
  3. D

    Root Rooting went wrong? Help!

    Hey guys, I would like to ask for a bit of help. So...I tried porting ICS to my SGS2 via odin, using the steps provided in a step by step video. Everything went smooth until the reboot phase. The phone started rebooting, with the yellow triangle and other such but the samsung animation and the...
  4. J

    Help Emoticons - Smiley key on slide out keyboard not working

    I rooted my phone and installed Android 2.2.2. Now the emoticons button on my physical (slide out) keyboard isn't working. I get a little square rather than a smiley. Anyone have a solution?
  5. M

    Root root samsung moment to work for tmobile?

    My service provider is tmobile but i've never been satisfied with their phones I have a Samsung moment is it possible to root a Samsung moment to work for tmobile & if so step by step how?
  6. J

    Help Can't access Google Market

    I did a factory reset on my old Samsung Moment. I no longer have cellular service on the phone, I just want to use wifi on it. The trouble is that after the factory reset I can't access Google Market. I can get my gmail, sign into youtube and google talk, and also use the web browser. Just can't...
  7. J

    Help Create Wi-fi only device

    I would like to turn my old Samsung Moment into a wi-fi only device. (I got a new phone and would like my son to be able to have the old phone with no cellular service.) Any solutions as to how I can do this. I don't want to just put the phone in airplane mode. I want a more permanent solution...
  8. M

    Help how to upgrade my samsung moment 1.5 to newest upgrade WITHOUT losing the cricket flash

    so i spent a good 4 hours with cricket yesterday just so they could properly flash my samsung moment to their carrier. but i realized that my android software is not up to date! i have been hearing talk that sprint can have you upgrade yourself the 2.1 version, but im afraid that it will take...
  9. J

    Root Phone won't restart

    I have an Android LG-P500h. It won't turn on after a softwware update. Today I plugged it into Windows. Windows would not recognise it?? So I ran the LG Support Tool and re-installed the plug ins. This other phone update application started running and began updating my phone!$!$? Because it...
  10. B

    Help Freaking HELP

    I am having huge issues, hope someone can help. My wifes moment was just remotely flashed from sprint to boost. It seemed to work at first, but now some problems are arising and I hope someone can help. Wen texting she will randomly get a network 7 error. When this happens she can no longer...
  11. R

    Root HTC wildfire root.

    hi i am wondering whether to root my htc wildfire and not sure whether to. also if i root it will i be able to get games i cant get at the moment and could you please give me a guide on how to root the htc wildfire and what is the best custom rom. thanks.
  12. J

    Help Screen part name

    Hi folks, I bought a Moment for a buck which has a cracked screen. The phone was still functional and we have used it for some time in the cracked condition. I finally purchased a $20 screen replacement off of ebay. I took the phone appart and low and behold the screen wasn't cracked, it is...
  13. iamalanwelch

    Root Make a temp root perminate

    okay so for some reason i keep trying to go use the links provided in the root guides but they seem to be broken. so i tried using a method i found perma root on the motorola droid and i was able to temp root my moment. method: 2.) Extract rageagainstthecage.zip to c:\droidroot 3.) Connect...
  14. M

    Root Root Help

    I rooted a Samsung Moment about 2 years ago. I rooted so I could use one of the 'rooted required' tethering apps. I'm having a few problems and would like to know if anyone could help me out or point me in the right direction. 1. When I try connecting the phone to my computer, it says it...
  15. R

    Moment won't turn on after failed update

  16. R

    Root Moment won't turn on after failed update

    heyyy, don't know if this is the right place for this.. but.. i'm new here.. my iPhone broke, so until I get that fixed, i had to use my brothers girlfriends old old phone. Which is a Samsung moment. Well, this thing apparently hasn't been updated since she bought it.. She also forgot to...
  17. M

    Root [rooted] What's the current PRL?

    I called *2 bcos my phone was continuously going into roaming for 2+ hours. During our communication I inquired and learned the current PRL is 607??. I have tried updating my phone and failed, it is stuck at 60686. The rep wanted me to take the phone to a Sprint Service Center to update it...
  18. P

    Help Samsung Moment not working

    Hi, I'm having a rather annoying issue with my Samsung Moment. It turns on just fine, but as soon as you hit the power button to turn the screen off, the screen goes black and the lights on the buttons glow. Pressing the power button only makes the lights go on and off. If you let it sit for...
  19. S

    Root How to: Verizon back to Sprint?

    I got a Sprint Moment that will not program. Also when I dail 0 it say Welcome to Verizon Wireless we are unable to authenticate your phone. So clearly the last owner did something to it. How do I get it to work on Sprint again? The ESN is clean.
  20. J

    Help sms for a contact says "draft" and i cant open the thread. help please!!

    so my thread for my one friend says i have a "draft" and everytime i try and open the thread it makes me forclose. and i cant text him....help please!!
  21. M

    Help Moment m900 network question

    Hi to all members ! I was given a Sprint branded M900 in the USA, my question is as it has no sim card slot could I use this phone in the UK on any carrier ? If so what software do I need ? Regards mercury
  22. K

    Root SW Updater Driver Problem - no M900 driver

    Hello, Been working through some tutorials on how to root my Moment for a few days now and I finally decided to pull the trigger last night. I am following the How to Root the Samsung Moment
  23. J

    Help Moment on Boost Moblie

    Can anyone tell me how to flash the Moment to Boost Mobile?
  24. M

    flash roms / kernels without usb???

    My USB port is dead. I used to be able to connect to my laptop via the USB cable by giving it firm pressure at different angles. But, now it does not work at all. Luckily, I was able to root my Samsung Moment and flash a rom and kernel before the USB port totally stopped connecting...
  25. J

    Root Difficulty rooting my Samsung Moment

    I still have a Samsung Moment, and tried to root it today to 2.2.2 using advice from 2 sites, but neither worked: How to Root the Samsung Moment – Volume 3 | Market 4 Android How To Root Your Samsung Moment (2.2.2 Froyo) - SDX-Developers Forum Here's the issue: After carefully...