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Help Did I break it?

Hi there,

first post for me and my DHD is my first Android phone. It's on Orange but bought through dial-a-phone.

All was going well until...

Well, I'm not sure what (if anything) I have done but when I dial to make a call the screen goes blank and freezes. I have no in-call functions and even when the call has been ended by the other person I have to take out the battery and re-boot just to get the screen back again.

Then all is fine again, until I make another call and off we go again.

What gives? Could it be a virus? I've been happily downloading apps but making sure it's just the highly rated ones. As yet I don't have a virus scan/removal app, any suggestions for a good one?

I'm a paramedic so I'm out and about at work and I therefore need a mobile phone, and one that works preferably.

I am quite tech-happy but fairly inept so sorry to bombard you all with questions.

'Search' the forum for 'proximity sensor', thread such as this ... http://androidforums.com/desire-hd-...2-still-having-problems-proximity-sensor.html ...

Seems you have the well known problem and there has been at least one OTA update to try to fix it.


Perfect thanks! It took about 3 or 4 attempts to get my phone to recognise the update but once it had it went smoothly. If I touch the power button in-call I get the screen back now. However there seems to be a side effect, my soft keys now won't light up. Hmm

Ah, having had a wee look around I blew on the sensor & my soft keys lit up immediately. They've been working ever since.
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