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Help Did I delete everything?


Jul 22, 2013

My phone felt down and now the screen does not go on and does not seem to work either. I would like to sell the phone to someone whou still believes it is usefull.

However I would like to delete everything before I do so. Off course I got the sim and SD card out.

I also connected the S3 to the pc and delete everything from the phone partition, but it says now that there is 10.2 gb free of the 11.1 gb. My question is did I delete everything personal on the phone? Or could this hided data also be personal? If yes is there a way to delete the remaining 0.9 gb, which I can not see on the PC?

Thanks in advance.
The remainder of that space is likely Android/Touchwiz/System which is quite bloated. It shouldn't have any personal data left but as DonB said, I'd perform a factory reset if possible. Problem with it is if the touch screen doesn't work, you can still use it if you set up with a Bluetooth mouse.
There's a video on Cnet about doing this with a broken N7.

Edit: Video
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