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Apps Did you get your app on Amazon as easy as Google Play?


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Jan 3, 2012
Did you get your app on Amazon as easy as Google Play?

simple question.

Google Play seem to be, pay the reg fee and you can upload anything you want and its live in a hr or two no questions asked.

Amazon is free, and ask for allot more info.

Im guessing they use live testers?
Can they be picky?

App is fine, I worry about icon grafix and description more then anything.

As I just copied and pasted the text from my live google play app, no idea how it will look formated on their end.
first app was easy, 2nd app Ive gotten the run around.

first they didn't like my title miss match, that was on purpose.

now I get this email.

"This app appears to be sending unencrypted, sensitive information. In this instance, the [ PASSWOR.] is being sent in clear text. Please update the app to encrypt all sensitive information.

OS/Device:4.0.1/Samsung S2"

my reply

This is a simple shortcut app. No sensitive information is sent or received by the app.

You click a button and you are forwarded to a website.

The app uses the chosen default browser on a said device.

If the person testing has an unsecured browser, that is not the apps fault.
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