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Root difference between wipe data/cache and factory reset


Sep 10, 2010
couldn't find an answer to this exact question.

this is obviously in clockworkmod recovery. that's the black screen with the 5 or 6 green options in the upper left correct? the screen where you use the power and camera buttons to select?

so what's the difference? I was considering trying some different roms.
ok, so I used clockworks ROMmanager to install gummyjar. I chose wipe data and cache but once the rom loaded and the phone booted, all my applications and everything started coming back. they were populating the app screen right before my eyes. Also, I quickly took note that it remembered my wifi password.

So, clearly, this was not a true wipe and reload.

Why were these programs all coming back? was that because of the google syncing feature?

totally lost.

What I did was start ROMmanger, then I chose to download a rom, and chose gummyjar2.5. it downloaded, then asked for pre-installation options, so I chose the wipe data and cache.

then it just did its own thing.

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the rom backup is important, especially if you makes changes, eff something up and decide you want to go back to a certain point

titanium backup is important because Google only backs up your apps and doesn't restore the data - case in point, I have to restore Angry Birds data every time I swap ROMS to get my high scores back
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Makes sense. So in the future, should I just not even bother with the google backup andd just uncheck that? That way I wil just use titanium to do a full app/data/sys settings backup?

Also, if I don't use the google backup, is there somewhere is should go to delete that backup info? Thanks again.
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