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Differences between Google Store purchased Google Pixel 6 Pro versus a T Mobile Google Pixel 6 Pro

I would stay away from anything from T-Mobile, especially their so called cellular 'service'.
I'm using T-Mobile (via Mint Mobile) and have excellent service and coverage. That can vary greatly depending on where you are located, so what doesn't work for you may be fine for someone else. Really though, this line of conversation has nothing to do with what the OP asked, so lets keep on topic. :)
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My understanding is there isn't really a technical difference. You may get carrier locked if there is a subsidy from T-Mo, but other than that I think they are pure Google. I was chatting with a buddy in the know about the same thing, but VZW vs. Google.
^ correct. The Verizon models are slightly different to support different frequencies if I'm remembering correctly, but the unlocked model from the Google Store and the one sold by T-Mobile should be identical.
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