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Help Disable Bluetooth Autoplay? Still?


Sep 12, 2016
I recently upgraded to an S22 Ultra from my trusty Note 8 and am finding the new Android version to be completely underwhelming (a common theme, I'm finding). I can't really think of any actual improvements to my daily user experience and two things have gotten worse enough that I have been researching solutions to them to no avail. The first is the main topic of this thread. My older Bluetooth car stereo (not Android auto, but apparently that is equally as broken) sends an "autoplay on connect" request. No individual app autoplay setting seems to matter, it is a system problem. On the Note 8 this was also the case, however it would only actually play if the app was open (present in the task switch windows). This was occasionally annoying but now it is much much worse. What happens now on the S22U is that apps I have long since closed will just appear to open zombielike and autoplay. Even when I am in the middle of opening a music app, e.g. a podcast that I was listening to yesterday will just start playing because it was the last used app. I can't believe that it's 2022 and Android doesn't just have this fixed yet it has been underdeveloped for YEARS now. Why can't it just be a system wide setting? And why on earth does it insist on playing audio even if it was PAUSED before Bluetooth is disconnected? I have a feeling there is nothing I can do about this, but I wanted to vent. I mentioned there was a second most annoying issue with the new version of Android. This is that the "double tap to switch" to previous app window is inexplicably slower than it used to be, to the point you might as well not use it. I used to do that constantly and it was very effective. Why on earth they removed this feature is beyond me. If anyone has a current solution to either of these problems please lmk.


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