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Disable fingerprint scanner "click"


Sep 16, 2020
Hello, I am new to this forum. This is my first post. I am hear because I found a phone I absolutely love with a serious deal breaking design flaw! Hopefully, someone here can help me figure it out so I don't have to return this phone!

So, I recently purchased the Ulefone Armor 9e with Android 10. Seems to be an awesome phone so far except for one, excruciatingly annoying thing... The location/function of the fingerprint scanner.

It's located on the right side of the phone, just below the power button. Not a big deal by itself, location would be fine however, this phone has a feature called 'fingerprint function' or 'fingerprint scanner click.'

It works as such: single, double, or long press on the scanner does one, on a list of changeable actions of navigational shortcuts. (Seems like a cool feature, I could see where it would be useful) The problem is, that feature can not be disabled!! The position of the scanner is incredibly inconvenient! I am right handed, hold the phone with my right hand. 'Click' functions have to be set to something! (No option to disable) but, trying to do ANYTHING on this phone, means almost constant contact with the sensor!

The LEAST inconvenient option to set all the clicks for are 'Back,' 'Back,' and 'Task View.' Which means, every single time I do anything, from texting to answering calls, using any app, anything at all... I am constantly navigating back and having to redo things!

Otherwise and awesome phone and I love everything else!

Has anyone figured out a way around this? To totally disable the scanner (don't want to do this, I like the fingerprint scanner feature) but I can not deal with the click function! It is literally going to be the reason I return this phone! For sure, a deal breaker!

Any help would be greatly appreciated :) :) thanks
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In your settings, security, is there a option to disable that?

I am able to disable the fingerprint security part of it, the authentication and stored fingerprints however, even disabled it still acts as if it's a button. This feature, I have looked everywhere and not found any way to disable it.

Under the 'Fingerprint' setting option I get those screen: (pic 1), when I select one of the 3 settings I get this options menu: (pic 3)

(Accidentally uploaded the first pic twice and it says I don't have permission to remove it lol)


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