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Help Display not working - Save data?


Mar 23, 2011
Greetings, dear Gentlemen!
Got a rather big problem: The display of my Galaxy S suddenly just ceased to work, so I have to send it to Samsung for repairs. Thing is, Ive got a few photos and videos that I want to rescue or at least delete, but as I just got a black screen, I can't mount my Internal SD. Is there any other way to gain access to that SD-Card and to retrieve my data?
Thanks in advance!
Unfortunately since your display is malfunctioning and is unable to allow you preview of your screen when issuing commands, like mounting, you would be unable to retrieve your data (unless you were certified to open the product and tinker, but then you lose your warranty).

You mentioned deleting the files at least, lucky for you most likely your phone will be wiped of its internal memory once it has been repaired. Regardless information will be lost. So I do hope you kept phone numbers on a separate piece of paper or synced important data into your Google account, otherwise everything will most likely be lost.

If you are afraid of Manufacturer personnel seeing your personal files, don't be. They are not allowed to access anything personal pertaining to your phones files. Besides, any and everything will be removed before they could as they will be working on the phone screen and that requires disassembling the phone.

It is unfortunate your phone's screen ceased to work, regardless of how it happened, you may want to look into purchasing a Mirco SD chip (prices vary on GB) and save all important data onto that when you recieve your new phone, that way if anything ever happens to the phone you can simply removed the Micro SD chip from its slot, and whaa-laa, you have everything you saved.

Sorry for the bad news (however you take it) and good luck with your new smart phone when received.
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