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DND app Night Keeper


Aug 23, 2021
Prior to android 10 I used Night Keeper for years and there was some change in android 10. Its some special setting which needs to be changed in order for the apps white list to put calls through. Anyways, this app is "no longer useful beyond android 9+." That being said I stumbled across the magical setting a couple months ago but I had to do a reset of the phone and cant remember what the setting was. I had it working flawlessly for months so I know its possible. I remember losing my mind last time too but then randomly came across some post which listed the settings I needed to change. There is a setting called DND access but you can only select whatever apps it lists, I cant force night keeper. I dont think thats the issue because it does turn on DND, more on that below.

Summary of what the app does in case people arent familiar;

DND app but it lets you create profiles. So I have a sleep one which turns off BT and all notifications except calls from specific contacts, it turns on android DND but then SHOULD override something when specific callers call. It is not recognizing the contacts which are in my list so their calls are not put through. I have a profile called Text & Phone, its listed as priority mode rather than silent and full ringer. So all calls and then whatever apps I do want notifications for (messaging, etc) so in other words no email (still synced though) and only actually important notifications. In order to get those notifications you have to go into the app notifications settings and allow override DND. It has to be some permission to allow it to read contacts or something since the app works other than call filtering. ANY IDEAS??? I havnt been able to find a similar app which does what I need.


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