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Do all Android phones allow installing new Applications?

Ran Droid

Sep 11, 2011
I'm new to Android. I want to know, if a phone is claimed to be running on Android, is that it must be able to run any applications downloaded to the phone by the user?

I ask this question because I want to try some Android applications available in the market, since I don't have an Android phone, I get to buy a new one and I am not sure what model from which manufacturer to buy. I may just pick one randomly in the phone stores. But I worry that the Android phone I randomly picked may not allow me to download any applications.
For the most part you should be OK. I have occasionally heard of some non-US phones not having the Market preinstalled. And I know that sideloading (installing apps from outside the Market) is (was?) blocked on some T-Mobile phones. And paid apps aren't available in some non-US countries from the Market, only free ones. But if you're in the US and the phone has a Market icon in the app drawer, you should be OK as far as having access to most compatible apps.
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