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Do I need an app to have phone read text & email messages aloud? If so, recommendation?


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Jan 28, 2011
Especially when I'm driving, I'd like to be able to command my Galaxy S5 (Android 5.0) phone read aloud my text messages-- and even my email messages. I can't figure out how to do this with Google Now (which would be great, since it's built-in). Do I need an app to do this ? If I need an app, can anyone recommend a good (preferably free) one?

Ideally I'd like to be able to say stuff like, "OK Google (or whatever)..."
  • Read my unread text messages.
  • Read my latest text messages.
  • Read my Gmail inbox, or red my Hotmail inbox.
  • Delete.
  • Next email/text.
I use 'Macrodroid' to read out my text and Whatsapp messages when linked to my cars Bluetooth. I don't know think it can read out email.


ditto, works like a charm...

and, if you buy a premium voice package from "Ivona" you can tailor the sounds to your specific language, and region of your country... they are awesome.

. IVONA.jpg
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Thanks to Thom, John59, and AZg1500 for the helpful suggestions but I think those "Automation" solutions automatically read aloud the text message when it arrives (which isn't a bad solution), rather than at my voice command (which is what I'd like). Similarly, I found the app, ReadItToMe, which will read new texts and/or email (headers and first few lines), etc., when they arrive-- optionally only when connected to specific Bluetooth devices.

I'm sure that this kind of voice command will be built into Google Now someday. I'm just surprised that this functionality isn't already available through Google/Android or through a 3rd party app.
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If Dennydet or anybody could confirm that Dragon has the ability to read texts and/or emails at my voice command, please let me know.

QingWu: Large Launcher doesn't seem to have any capability to read texts and/or emails upon voice command, does it? It seems to be just another simplified launcher targeted at senior citizens. Such "Easy Mode" functionality is built-into my Galaxy S5.
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