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Do not disturb question.


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Nov 8, 2010
I'm looking for a way yo make my phone (s20fe android 11) silent in the evenings until morning for incoming calls, texts, what apps etc.
I can only see the option with do not disturb to send calls to voicemail , I don't want to miss calls I just want it to go silent on a schedule so if it goes off it won't wake the baby and I won't forget to toggle it at either end of the day.

Is this possible without third party apps?

I've only recently got a Samsung, so still learning my way around (everything is in different places to other manufacturers). Does Bixby have any automation capabilities? I'm afraid that I immediately turned-off every bit of Bixby I could find so don't know what its capabilities are. There's something called "Bixby routines", but the description made that sound more like a "we'll figure out what you want" rather than "you tell us an we'll handle it", but I didn't really look at it before turning it off (I'm an equal opportunities sceptic when it comes to digital assistants, I turn off or uninstall all of them, which meant that anything with Bixby in the name got the chop).

While I was setting up something asked me whether I wanted to mute the phone during calendar events, but I don't know what and can't find that setting in the Samsung calendar, so don't know whether whatever it was is smart enough to do what you want (define mute as "silent but still vibrate/whatever" and only mute for what you want to mute for). It's conceivable it was one of my own (third-party) calendar apps, but I assume that from your "without third party apps" that that wouldn't help you if so.

To be honest I just use a third party app for this (I use Tasker, but there are simpler apps for something as simple as this). But that's me, and your preference is clearly different.
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Is there not a scheduler for Do Not Disturb?


It would seem that with the exceptions and other options that something could be worked out.
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