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Do you remember?

I am a card-carrying registered Republican. I believe in the principles and ideals of the Republican party. I have not voted for a Republican president since Reagan and while I generally don't vote party lines, more Democrats have been the recipient of my votes lately.

It has been shown time and time again that principles and ideals only work if you stick to them. Given the history and record of the Republican party for the last 20 years, I am embarrassed to be one.
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I'm neither a Republican nor a Democrat... I'm an American! The only difference anymore between the two parties is the side of the aisle they claim to reside on. Both national parties, in my personal opinion, are corrupt and neither gives a rats rump about the American people... What typically motivates them is finding new and creative ways of lining their pockets with our hard earned money.

Tomorrow I cast my vote for neither the Republican or Democrat candidates. My vote goes to the candidate who I feel can do the best job to get my hometown/county/state/nation out of the toilet.
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the "I don't vote party lines" is just as much rhetoric as saying "I vote straight (R) or (D)"

personally, I vote down party lines depending on the issues. However, I do vote (D) for schoolboard stuff, I vote (R) for the rest of it.

It's funny because the person I vote for or against for Superintendant would be opposite if they were running for Mayor.

SO I vote how the party votes on issues.

If it's people who deal with abortion or gay rights, I'll vote Republican down the line
If it's people who deal with education, I'll vote (D)

When it comes to individual referandums, I'll vote the way that best suits me and my family's need.
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I voted for Reagan, Bush I, Bush II.

I listened daily to Rush during the Clinton years.

I supported the war and had great ( but friendly) arguements with the tree hugger I worked with.

I was a believer in supply side economics.

I called myself a fiscal republican although I didn't really support their social policies.

Then something happened.

I think it started with Bush's speech stopping stem cell research.

The stem cells were coming from discarded embryos. It didn't have anything to do with abortion which was legal anyway. I didn't understand why government was intruding in scientific research.

I found the internet. All the raw government numbers were available. I realized Clinton really did have surpluses. I saw that supply side economics was a sham that increased the deficit. I saw the CBO reports that showed that Bush's programs increased the deficit.

I looked back.

Under Clinton I paid more in taxes but I was recieving over 5% raises yearly plus bonuses. Under bush after 9/11 I've averaged under 3% in raises.

Under Clinton heath insurance was just something I signed up for every year. Under Bush it was increasing 10% yearly to become a major deduction in my paycheck.

There is no double that I have moved significantly to the left.

I do have a hard time understanding how anyone that has access to the raw data doesn't come to the same conclusions.
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