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document organiser - does such a thing exist?


Jun 27, 2013
i am looking for an application to use to manage my academic courses.

i would like something that looks like a bookshelf, a bit like the Aldiko reader where there would be one 'book' for each course
in the 'book' (or folder) i would then like to place all the ebooks, notes, pdf documents TED or Khan Academy videos, lecture audio files and web links in an organised way so i can search by date or name, associated with that subject.

i have looked at loads of student organisers but these are mostly calendars and a search for organisers brings up things to do with storing apps

am i looking for something that doesn't exist?
a friend mentioned I Tunes University but i dont have an ipad

thanks for your help
I'm not certain that an app like that exists, but I've seen a lot of creative graphics used to simulate such things. You'd need to create the book graphic and then find a custom launcher that allows you to use your own graphics to create folders on the desktop. You would then need to create a wallpaper with a mini bookshelf on it to put your folders (that look like books) on. The trick would be lining up the shelves just right so that the folders appear to be sitting on them.
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I use ES File Explorer for that. I set that opening the app opens 4 "windows" you can swipe through like homescreens. One is the internal SD, one is the cloud, another is the external SD, and another is set like what you wanted: It opens straight into my school files folder, showing separate folders for each of my subjects.

I can suggest that you get ES, then set it to a single Window/folder on opening, so when you activate it, it goes to that window. In that folder have your files arranged into one folder per course/subject.
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