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Does Any Browser Support Per-Website User Agent Switching?

Does anyone know if there is an android browser that supports per-website user agent switching?

I know several browsers let your forge the user agent for all sites, but I would like to run everything in one browser and have the user agent switch on the fly.

What I would like is for a browser to forge a user agent based on a whitelist.

For example, identify as an iPad for *.google.com, an iPhone for *.facebook.com but identify as a Mac running OSX Lion for all other sites.

Inversely I could identify as a Windows 7 machine for *.hulu.com, *.rdio.com, *.last.fm, *.amazon.com and as an iPad for everything else.

The reasoning behind this should be obvious, but it's because some sites serve different versions of their website based on the user agent. I'd love to see the desktop version of rdio.com, the iPad version of Gmail, and the iPhone version of Facebook all within the same browser.


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