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Does anyone have a galaxy gear smartwatch


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May 26, 2011
Hi all, just bought a galaxy gear and I'm having trouble with countless things. Mainly I can't get the eBay app and many seem to have it online, also despite seeing whatsapp notifications on it I can't see whatsapp on the share apps list after taking a photo

Biggest problem is summarised in their video though! I can't remove apps!


Sorry if this is the wrong place for this post, I searched everywhere in tapatalk but can't find a gear forum
you install via the galaxy gear manager on the phone (what you see me using in the youtube video) the problem comes when you need to remove the apps you click on the delete icon and it just hangs with a spinning circle.. I can't do anything.

All the logging in is done on the phone and the watch basically just acts as a notifier, so any notifications you get on your phone (almost all of them) you get on your watch. You can also see whatsapp, text, emails etc so you can read them on your watch also which is handy. It will certainly save me phone battery as I dont need to take it out of my pocket as much, but to be honest I'm not in love wth the phone, there are very limited apps available at the moment
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