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Help Does anyone know if im going to have trouble with verizon?

i sent back a phone a couple days ago because out of nowhere it was freezing and such (it wasn't rooted, but the boot animation was still changed from when i was rooted on GB) and i got my replacement phone, only to later find that the camera doesn't work, so i called in today to get another replacement, and im getting it, but the lady said if they find a phone is rooted, they charge you the full retail. well this scared me because i had recently sent back a phone that technically wasn't rooted, but was obvious i had tinkered with it when i sent it back, has anyone ever sent a phone back that was obviously tinkered with and not have a problem? does anyone know what they do when they get the phones? i always assumed they just hooked it up to a machine that puts it back to factory. Does seeing the changed boot animation give them the right to charge me?


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