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does anyone play two player games with two controllers


Sep 30, 2013
I'm using a sixaxis controller to play games, and want to get a second controller for some multiplayer action.
My question is can I get a different type of controller, or am I better off getting another sixaxis.
I mostly want to play nintendo emulators two player.
Got it working. Here is what I found out.

So I went to gamestop and picked up a red samurai controller. It could not connect while the sixaxis was connected. If I had paid attention when connecting the sixaxis I would have known this because it says it modifies the bluetooth to work with the sixaxis controller. I returned the red samurai and got another sixaxis. They paired fine and even lit up as 1 and 2 on the controllers.

First I went to play mario Kart 64 with Mupen64+ae. I had to mess around with the settings a bit but got it working without much trouble. Awesome.

Next I tried contra. I was bummed to discover that my favorite nes emulator (nesdroid) does not support 2 player at all. I installed just about every nes emulator available but they all have the same problem, both controllers control only player 1. I read that it should be possible to fix this by remapping the buttons on the sixaxis app and then remapping them in the emulator. I saved that as a last resort.
Then I installed retroarch, an all in one emulator. It did exactly what I wanted without any tweaking at all. As soon as you press a button on the controller it gives a message that it was detected. Same for controller 2. Awesome to the max.

We will be playing tecmo super bowl on the big screen tonight.
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