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Help Does anything work????


Aug 29, 2014
Does anything work on this phone (S5) I can't get fingerprint security to work nor can I get S Voice to work????
I can register 3 fingerprints but they are never recognized when I try to unlock the screen, well maybe after the 36 tries. And the same goes for S Voice, won't even recognize simple words after another 36 tries. well yes exaggerating but how do you get these things to work?????? is there a secret handshake needed or something :thinking:
Everything works fine on my phone and I don't have those issues. Maybe the phone is defective, have you gone back to your carrier to have them look at it, that is the first thing I would try is to ask them. Mary!
This has been my experience as well. Fingerprint reader and S Voice, and everything else I've tried, have all worked very well.

I did not get along with the stock keyboard, but I think that's because I'm use to Swype, which I went back to quickly.
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