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Does Swiftkey have swype style typing?


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Jun 18, 2012
I like the new S3 jellybean keyboard a lot and the swyping on it is great but they forgot to add auto correct! I can't believe it. How could they leave out auto correct? I'm typing words and missing them by a letter and it doesn't even correct it. So I see swiftkey 3 is $1.99. I tried the free version and I don't like the layout of the keyboard too much but it won't kill me. If it doesn't have a swipe function then I won't buy it. I don't see any swyping function on the free version. So does anybody know if you can swype on the pay version? Thanks in advance for any help.
Thanks, I downloaded that beta and it seems pretty good. I have the swype keyboard on my S3 already but I don't like the look and layout of it. I'm really really picky and I really liked the stock keyboard on my S3 but I liked auto correct. I don't know why it's absent now. So I just needed something else. I hope they update the Samsung keyboard with auto correct because I actually still like the layout of it better to be honest.
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