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don't know about s5, but I know 1 thing: the more frequency, the better lag-less user experience. here we have 2.5 Ghz quad and 1.9 quad+1.3 quad. the base are the same as with PC-s. first core2duo-s @ 1.8 ghz were crap, p4-s @ 3.4 ghz smashed 'em easily. same here: my phone's dual @1.7 will smash quaddy @1.2, just bcuz android apps ain't optimized for multicore systems yet... as about G3, I touched it and it has pretty fast UI. just screen is bullsh!t, it's so pixelized despite of having high-res... ???

so I recommend S5 quad-core model with CPU same as G3 - 2.5Ghz. and not g3 bcuz of display issues. It could be only my opinion, but I prefer FHD these days. on the phones. on PC I wouldn't mind.. :)

these new variants with slow 4+4 cores vs super-fast 4 cores should help with battery. but I prefer speed vs mobility. just bcuz ANY smartphone lasts one day on medium usage. yea, I could enable all these bells and whistles that help me save battery, but then my phone will be so slow like I drive Porsche on handbrake lol..
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"lag preceptions" are just that, and are subject to personal opinion.

I have had mine since Launch day. During that time, there was "lag" it seemed when I wanted it to do something.

but, I have always been able to resolve that by finding the real culprit and getting rid of it.

For me, taking 3 seconds to do something might be a minor inconvienence. For someone else who is all "antsy pantsy" that might be a major issue because the desired action did not occur within 0.125 seconds.

The S5 and all new generation cellphones are just pocket sized computers, and the more tasks that we assign to them, the more time it takes to process everything.

ie, the more background tasks you have running, the slower your pocket computer is going to be in reacting to your request.

For myself, I minimize the background tasks severely. I selected the option in Settings to "Close each app after use". That has good and bad side effects.

The good side is, fewer background tasks means that when I ask the S5 to do something, it is fast.

The bad side is, each time I start/restart an app, it has to start up from scratch. ie, load into memory and then start processing the job. (for me, this is not worthy of discussing... I don't care)

Each cellphone when designed has to meet the engineer's priorties. Those priorites might not be your priorities.

I suggest that you spend some time at Best Buy or other store and compare how the S5 does the same jobs that the other "highly touted gizmo" does.

Bottom line for me is, the S5 does not have any significant amount of lag. Mine is optimized to my requirements and out performs my desktop computer for many tasks. The downside of the S5 is the screen is a lot smaller than my desktop's 24" monitor... but I just can't imagine trying to drag a 24" monitor around with me all day, can you?
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How do you select "Close each app after use" on the S5?

you can go into developer mode and limit the amount of background apps open at one time.

Go to the settings menu on your GS5.
Scroll down to the "System section and tap "About Device."
Now scroll down to "Build number."
Tap the "Build number" section seven times. (You'll see a warning that you're about to unlock developer options.)
Now back out to the main settings menu, and you'll see "Developer options" listed.

or you could just simply swipe the app closed on the task maanger
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I am new to Samsung. I've been using Motorola Droids. So I went to my local Verizon store and asked them why my S5 was so slow and erratic. I've been using the home button to exit my apps, which worked fine on Droids. Turns out the apps continue to run in the background. The double rectangle to left of the home button is the "recent apps button". But, it actually scrolls through the open apps running in the background. It is also where you shut down an app. It can shut down all open apps as well.

I had tried to fix the S5's erratic behavior by turning off the phone and then back on. Turns out it needed a hard reboot by removing and reinstalling the battery. You can't (and don't need to ) do that with Droids.

Works fine now.
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