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Donate to AF without buying Premium


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Mar 10, 2010
Lincoln, UK
Guys I realised how much of a helpful resource this place is, it's taught me an awful lot, helped me unbelievably and saved me whenever I encountered problems.

To show my support I'd love to throw some money somewhere but I don't want to buy Premium as I don't need any of those Premium features, also I don't just want to donate to a couple of individual members either, I'd much rather show my support to the whole site really...

Any ideas?
It's great that you want to donate to the site! :)

If you follow the "Premium" link, there is another link that gives you the option to make a one off payment:

Alternatively, you can click here to offer a no-strings-attached donation of any amount - whether in addition to, or in leiu of, your premium membership.

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