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downloaded software update


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after downloading and installing software update on my Samsung galaxy s 2 mini, it is stuck on a page that I can't see my home screen. The screen has "cmw-based Recovery v5.0.2.8", "reboot system now", apply update from sd card" and amongst other things. How do I get back to my main screen and ignore these items?

You appear to have a rooted (or ex rooted) phone. (Did you buy it second hand?) You are on the Clockwork mod recovery screen. In itself not a problem but not standard samsung software. I'm not clear what update you have downloaded and installed. I would not expect samsung updates to work on a rooted phone and other updates would normally require use of the recovery screen (which you seem not to have seen before).

I suggest that you register on the forums and post your question again in the "all things root" section for your phone where someone will have more experience with your device. I would try to get further advice before doing anything. Please provide as much detail as you can about what you were dowloading and installing.

It may be that if you use the vol up/down button to scroll and select reboot system now and action it by pressing the power key, all will be well. But I cannot be sure without knowing what has gone before...

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