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Downloading Apps from Web pages

Good day.I have tried to download apps from webpages but they go into my HDV folder where my movies have been downloaded to and then I cannot open them because they are not movies.Other apps I download from Google shop have no problem.Unfortunately android do not give you an option of a folder to download to.I suppose if I uninstall the HDV folder it would solve the problem,but then I would lose my movies.Any advise would be appreciated. JAH
#1-Be very careful about downloading apps outside of Google play. It may be an easy way to get malware.
2-My downloaded files on chrome go to downloads. But I don't see what difference directory makes...you should be able to navigate to any folder to install it using file manager like solid explorer. Or if location makes a difference for some reason I'm not aware of, then you can move the file wherever want using file manager app prior to installing.
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