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Help downsides to debranding

Hi Raj,

I phoned voda uk to moan about the lack of updates and they were not much help. They seem to think that updating the phone with the seus works even though it doesnt and is reported on the voda eforum as well that it doesnt work. I then started to question them about the warranty and they told me it would make no difference as they dont deal with any warranty issues and it is all done by sony. Not too sure wether i believe them even though this was a 'manager' telling me this so i gave up and have sent a proper complaint in yesterday via their email service about this and am waiting a reply. If they ever answer me i will post the reply here :)
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Just got the reply from voda and it looks like debranding will deffo kill the warranty (at least with voda but should not affect the manufacturers warranty from sony) ...

Hello Duncan,
I am sorry to learn that you are facing difficulty with your phone.
Just to let you now that we recommend our customer to upgrade the software which is authorised by Vodafone.
If you download the firmware which is not recommend by the Vodafone then your phone is not covered under warranty.
If you wish you can visit any of our retail stores and get your phone checked. You can find the nearest retail store in your area by clicking on Store Locator
You can upgrade the software by clicking here
I trust the above information helps.

Kind regards,

Pravin Raut
Vodafone Customer Services
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If you debrand, it voids your warranty. Most people who work in Voda stores couldn't tell the difference, so if you went in to a store with a fault, they would probably send it away for you. The technicians would pick it up at their end tho and send it back, un-repaired.

But I'm not with Voda, and I'd like to debrand it. Where are the links to get this done?

Ta :)
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Well i thought balls to it and de-branded my phone before i went on holiday using the tutorials out there (i used x10blog but they all seem to come from the same place). First difference i noticed was the standatd keyboard actually working much better. Battery life seems the same to me but i do use the phone quite alot and have accepted nightly charging as the norm lol. Obviously there was no longer any 360 music or other voda apps and to replace them i finally had access to the play now store and could download creatouch finally. I guess the phone is also now sim free and from some investigation is still 100% covered by the sony warranty just no longer by vodafone (who would never fix it and only send it back to sony anyway) so in my eyes i have lost nothing there. There seem to be slight speed increases accross the board but nothing you notice straight away, seems to me more noticable as the day wears on and more apps are running in the background but the phone does not seem to lag as much as before. All in all im happy so far and look forward to getting updates now as soon as sony sort them and not end up waiting months for vodafone to do nothing :)
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