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Help Droid 2 Connection Error

Hello All,

I am having trouble with my Droid2 and email. With the help of my Network Admin I set-up my POP3 email. Once we had the correct settings everything worked nicely for 3 days. All of a sudden, I got a Connection Error and have been unbale to receive or send email on this account. This happened on Feb 7th.

None of my settings have changed....
I removed the account and the recreated it "Success" But when the phone attempts to connect i get a "Connection Error" The ierror icon is the same as the one for this message.

I have no clue what could be causing this and am ready to go back to my BB... Any help?


Welcome to the forums, rhinocompanies.

We've seen that issue reported around various Android device forums, with no remedies other than reconfiguring the pop3 emails (again), rebooting, removing certain rogue emails, etc.

It most often appears to be an ongoing script problem having to do with combinations of certain characters in some emails, even three question marks in a row, or certain Asian language characters. Once the emails with those characters in them are removed, the email client functions normally until they are received again.

Some users report success with 3rd party email clients found in Market. Others, such as myself, have never seen the issue when setting up gmail in the stock email app (not the stock gmail app, which can exhibit other issues such as the "stuck sending" problem that can go on for a long time unless the app is cleared of data and then reconfigured).
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